Parittas Recitation

Parittas recitation are important for the Buddhists.
It is having absolute, unlimited power of "Buddha"
and will be protect from varieties of dangers,
evil intensions, misfortune, baleful influences and disasters.
That is true and approved by many Buddhists.
The Parittas page have two sections:

Sayadaw U Vicitta's Parittas
11 Pali Parittas and Patana recitated one by one.

Sayadaw U Uttamasara's Parittas
About the power of Parittas, 11 Pali Parittas continuous
recitation, how to use holy water, 'KaMaWar Sar' and

Windows Media Player 7 or 9.
Descritions are in Myanmar and Pali language,
user do not needs to install these fonts.
Flight and fare searching

This is my test project for online flight and fare searching
You can search flight routings and fares
for the specified trip details
(departure airport, destination airport,
departure date, airline, class etc..)

It is easy to pickup
departure and destination airports
from provided airport lists

For this project I used:
- ASP (Active Server Pages)
- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for the Database.
- Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

Multitier Web Services Project

This is my another test project for the web services
For this project, I used:
- Delphi 6 Enterprise
- ADO (ActiveX Data Object) for the  dataset
- SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
- Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
- ASP (Active Server Pages)
- Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Myanmar Music

This entertainment page included MP3 and WMA format
Myanmar music. The singer are:
- Khin One
- Zaw Win Htut
- Si Thu Lwin
- Khin Maung Toe
- Sai Sai Kum Hlaing
- Poe Ei San
- Myo Gyi
- Ya Da Nar Oo
- Too Too
- Chit Kaung

Music Juke Box

Juke Box is under the construction.
But you can see the box.

Internet Live Radio in Myanmar Language

Well, this radio is only for limited time,
because I am not available for the full time
radio DJ.

- Winamp media player (or)
- RealOnePlayer media player.

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